Creative Pep Talk

411 - How to Find Creative Super Fuel & Believe In Yourself Before Others Do

Episode Summary

We often dream of someone showing up out of nowhere and giving us a real chance to get creative and unleash our potential, but the most important creative opportunity to take advantage of is taking a deep interest in your We often dream of talent scouts showing up with dream creative opportunities on silver platters - but the biggest and most important opportunity you’ll ever have is taking an interest in yourself before anyone else has! Maybe you already know that, but you can’t seem to find the motivation to put in the work without anyone else asking you for it? If that’s the case this episode is for you! In this episode we will explore how to completely rethink what you do and find supercharged fuel that can keep you creatively stoked for a lifetime!

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Greek Myth - Theseus and the Minotaur


Psychological mudlarking!
Unearthing psychically charged symbols, stories, and archetypes from your life. Digging into, collecting the things holding energy.

mud•lark (n): a person who scavenges in river mud for objects of value.

(The Creative Self Excavation Series)


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