Creative Pep Talk

259 - 20 Surprising and Super Powerful Prompts that will Make 2020 The Year You Do Your Best Work Ever!

Episode Summary

Nothing feels better than finding your groove as an artist AND THAT’S WHY it’s so easy for these comfy grooves to become seemingly inescapable RUTS!! If you have been stuck in your old patterns and you fear 2020 might be just more of the same old same old, then buckle and get ready for a SUPER-FIRE-HOSE-EXPLOSION-OF-PEP-PACKED-TO-THE-FRIGGIN-BRIM of an episode!!! This episode is my deepest dive into all the hacks, tips and tricks I know on how to perform the mental gymnastics necessary for unexpected creative breakthroughs!! I HOPE THIS TAKES YOUR CREATIVE PRACTICE TO CRAZY NEW HEIGHTS IN 2020!! LET’S GET PEPPED!

Episode Notes



Andre 3000 X Rick Rubin - On the Record

Jon Acuff - Finish

Lynda Barry Making Comics

Tim Robinson

David Allen

Keirkegaard - Either Or

Joey Ellis - Leaky Timbers

Carson Ellis - Transmundane Tuesday

Pat Hutchins - Rosie Takes a Walk

Sam and Dave Dig a Hole - Mac Barnett / Jon Klassen

Joseph Gordon Levitt TED TALK

Azul the Book Coach

Gary Gulman

Brian Froud

Andy J. Pizza Invisible Things



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